What a great way to meet 80 people for 4 hours at the house warming party that I held for one of my clients that had just purchased this house. Yes I love to cook, and yes baking just comes naturally to me.

The menu I made was:

Old Crab English Muffins

Homemade Sloppy Joes

Turkey BBQ's Pennsylvania Style


Onion Rings

Better than Sex Cake

Will's lazy Cherry Cake

Soda Pop and Water 

Plus lots of Broncos Football Schedules and Business cards.

My Lender Brad Kemp with CDC Financial Group also paid for half of the expense

Comments received were:

The food was super good

Wish I would have known about you before we got our home.

Do you have some business cards so that I can tell my FRIENDS about this.

Wow this is so good, and the cake is Better than Sex (the guy should not have said that with his wife there, but the wife had two pieces)